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Domaine des Fontaines

Come and discover our Beaujolais Crus in our cellars
Set in the appellation vineyard of MOULIN A VENT, king of Beaujolais and great Burgundian wine, our traditional wines will enchant your get-togethers.

Estate History

An history, a passion, a know-how, a terroir, exceptional wines

Our family has been rooted in the commune of Chénas since 1824. Generations of vinegrower-winemakers have followed on from each other, working a good many of the same vineyards. Domaine des Fontaines is in the heart of the village of Chénas and is surrounded by AOC Moulin A Vent vineyards.

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Our red wines

Our wines are made in respect of Beaujolais tradition, with maceration of the grapes that are totally immersed in their own fermenting juice for 7 to 9 days. This allows us to extract the maximum colour, aromas and flavours from them and is called Beaujolais vinification.

At the end of fermentation, our wines are stocked in stainless steel barrels or matured in oak barrels that have already held 1 to 4 wines (meaning that they are from 1 to 4 or 5 years old).

Conservation et cuvée "oak barrel"

Our wines are kept in our vaulted cellars until they are bottled or sold on to brokers. We bottle our new vintage about 7 months after the harvest, that is to say, in April/May of the next year.

Our “fût de chêne” cuvée is matured for longer in our chais, staying nearly a year in barrels to get the most interesting harmony.

Enjoy beaujolais with Nicolas Loron!

Chénas and Moulin à Vent unforgettable

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