Chenas 2018 – Magnum (1,5 L)

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The grapes for our CHENAS come from the highest plots in the appellation area, on Chénas’s highest mount, just a few hundred metres from Pic De Remont.

According to legend, this peak was formed when the giant Gargantua, on a visit to Chénas, emptied his backpack to form a mountain so that vines could be planted there to make good wine to quench his thirst.

The grapes from the vineyards at Roche Noire, give concentrated wine because the soil is very granitic and gives low yields. The grapes are picked by hand in Beaujolais tradition, just like vinification itself. The grapes remain in the vats for between 6 and 8 days to extract the maximum colours aromas and flavours. The wine is then matured in our vaulted cellars until it is bottled and ready to enjoy.

Serve this wine at 14-15 °C with traditional unpretentious cuisine that can include delicatessen meats, terrine or cheese.


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